New Construction

Each home we design and build are completely custom from the ground up. Everything in these houses, the interior details and furnishings, are handpicked and crafted by the finest craftsmen from around the world. Some of these details were even made in-house in our own mill shop. All together, these design elements come together to create the finest custom homes. 


If you would like to see more of our works, please click the link below to see our full portfolio.

Old Metairie Residence 1995

Old Metairie Residence 2000

Old Metairie Residence 2007

Mississippi Gulf Coast Residence 2012

Fairhope Guest Cottage 2022

Old Metairie Residence 1997

Old Metairie Pool House 2004

New Orleans Pool House 2012

Old Metairie Residence 2015

Fairhope Residence 2022